A little trip to London...

Hello my beauties!

I know I haven't posted in a while on the blog as I have my exams. I'm on "holidays" for a week now, but it's more like a "pause" in my exams to revise for my next exams. So yeah, I'm not really on holidays. So I thought going to London would be a good thing so my brain can take a break. I think it's been like 2 months that I went to London for the last time, and I must admit that I was really starting to miss this city. London is my favorite city in the world so far... after Paris, of course. As I know my friend Agnes is a huge lover of London too, we decided to go there together! 


9am - We finally arrived in London. We always visit the tourist things like Big Ben, London Eye, Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, etc. But this time, we wanted to visit something new, something we never did before. So we went to visit museums. Yeah, doesn't sound really funny but it was an amazing experience.
10am - We first visited the National Gallery near Trafalgar Square. It's a huuuuge museum, with only paintings. There are a lot of paintings from French artists and we were really happy to see the French touch in this museum. We stayed for like 2 hours admiring masterpieces and couldn't even see everything ! But if you have a lot of time ahead of you, I suggest you to go! It's really huge and very beautiful. Plus, it's FREE. So go for it if you want to do something less touristic and more interesting than usual. 
12pm - Then, we went to the Natural History Museum near South Kensingston. The entry to the Natural History Museum is also FREE. It's open every day from 10am to 5:30pm if I remember. This museum is exhibiting a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. The museum is a home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items within four main collections : botany, mineralogy, palaeontology and zoology. My favorite part of the museum was the view of one of the most famous and certainly most prominent of the exhibits : the 32 meters long replica Diplodocus carnegii skeleton, situated within the central hall. But there are a lot of things to do and see. You learn things you never knew before. That was really interesting.
2pm - Time for shopping! We went to Oxford Street of course, and did a little shopping spree. But we were a little tired too, as we arrived early in the morning... so we just went to one or two shops, and went back to our hotel to get some sleep before seeing friends later.

National Gallery near Trafalgar Square

Natural History Museum near South Kensingston


10am - Loooong night but early morning, so I decided to bring a little vanilla Frappuccino from Starbucks to a sleepy Agnes to wake her up and to go outside!
12pm - Let's go to Camden Town! Camden Town is by far my favorite place in London. My first lover is food and Camden Town is an amazing and peaceful place to eat when it's sunny outside. As soon as we arrive to Camden market, we found a lot of different food, from Italian food to Thai food. You just want to taste them all! But last time I went here, I found my happiness : toasties. And I know that if you find one kind of food you like, maybe next month, it won't be here anymore. But we tried to find it anyway. And we found it! My happiness was so big when I saw the toasties that Agnès decided to try one too. It was definitly my favorite meal from a while. Happiness is sometimes just in front of you ha. 
2pm - After a little tour in Camden, we finally decided that we were going to Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. So we took a bus to go there as I think it's really cool to visit London by bus than by taking the subway (my opinion as a tourist). So we took that bus, and saw after 15 minutes the London Zoo. No more Hyde Park or Buckingham Palace, but the zoo. Once again, it was a last minute plan, as usual. And we wanted to do something new (we already visited Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace before). So why not!
3pm - We are finally at the ZSL London Zoo! I don't have a lot to say about it, I mean it's a zoo and there are animals and that's it ha! But I think this zoo is way better than the ones we have in Paris and it's a little bigger too. There are a lot of different monkeys (I love monkeys) and the cool thing is that you can see them really close! That's insane. Of course, you can't touch them, but you can get really close to them and see how they live in an almost normal way. Same for butterflies, it's an opened zone where butterflies can come to you and fly everywhere. A big butterfly came on my hand, it was a magical moment. 
6pm - Our time at the zoo is now over as the zoo closes at 6pm. But we had enough time to see all the animals in less than 3 hours. So it's now the time to go back to our hotel and get some sleep before partying (yeah, we love sleeping, but who doesn't?!).
12am - It's midnight and we're now ready to party. So it's time to go to Cirque Le Soir! I went to a lot of nightclubs since I'm 16 I think, but this one was kinda weird. The name means circus in French, but it was a strange circus lol. There was a real snake (ok I'm still in shock because it touched me), clowns, there was also midgets wearing gorilla costumes (it was a bit scary to be honest), etc. I didn't really like this club, it was too weird for me. So I think I won't go there again, last time I went to London I went to others clubs and I really liked Funky Buddha (even tho it's close now) or Café de Paris way more. But they were closed the days we were in London so we tried Cirque Le Soir, but I won't go again ha. But it was cool except the weird characters everywhere in the club. 

Shepherds Bush with the sun

Camden Town

ZSL London Zoo in Regent's Park

Cirque Le Soir club in Mayfair

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  1. Lovely post beautiful! I like how you summarized it all by timings, I enjoyed reading it. x


  2. Hey Laetitia !
    Comme d'habitude ton article est super ! Mais je pense que c'est mon préféré, peut être car tu as réussi à mêler deux des choses que j'aime le plus au monde, les voyages et Londres, en un seul article. Ce qui est bizarre car pendant près de 5 ans je n'aimais pas voyager, ou simplement sortir de chez moi en dehors des cours, mais j'ai une folle envie de découvrir le monde en ce moment, d'ailleurs quels sont les endroits que tu préfères le plus, même en France ? Alors j'ai eu l'impression de "voyager" en lisant ton article. Londres est une ville qui me manque énormément, je n'y suis pas retournée depuis plus de 3 ans et la liste des activités que j'ai envie de faire est tellement longue. Le musé d'art moderne est aussi hyper sympa à faire, en plus le pont qui se situ devant est vraiment bien fait et surtout, et c'est ce que j'aime le plus, il fait parti des premières scènes du film Harry Potter 6 Le Prince de Sang-Mélé, et tu peux l'apercevoir en fond dans le clip One Thing des One Direction. En tout cas tu as l'air d'y avoir passé un très bon moment à Londres.
    Je te souhaite bonne chance pour tes examens, gros bisous, Alexandra, qui fait toujours des gros commentaires pour raconter des choses souvents inutiles. xx

    1. Hello!
      Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire, je ne le valide qu'une fois que je suis sûre de pouvoir prendre le temps de le lire en entier et de pouvoir prendre 5 minutes pour y répondre :) J'ai bien aimé ce séjour à Londres et ca me manque déjà c'est pour te dire... Mais ça va, je repars bientôt en vacances ! Mes partiels se terminent dans deux semaines (et oui... c'est long), donc je n'aurai pas trop le temps de poster jusque là et j'espère que tu n'es pas trop décue du manque de posts ces derniers temps. Merci en tout cas de toujours être au rendez-vous!
      A bientôt,
      Laetitia xx

  3. Looks like you two had a great time! I would love to go to London again too sometime. Your pictures look so lovely!

    I am from the Netherlands and I saw you liked the museums in London. Perhaps you will like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam too! It is the biggest and most important museum in Holland. It's recently renovated and looks really pretty.

    Good luck with your exams! ♥
    Love, Maxime.

  4. thanks for sharing all of these pics with us! seems like a very exciting journey!