Lace x Red little things

Hello my lovelies!

It's finally the weekendddd! So I decided to write a little post about an outfit I really liked to wear. I LOVE lace things, and I love to wear them when the sun is here. Lace is delicate and cute at the same time. Perfect match ! I associated my lace playsuit with a light blue denim jacket and red things. By red, I chose a hat and my spartiates. I think accessories are important as they bring the final little touch to complete your outfit. Of course, I never leave my Louis Vuitton speedy (size 35)! It's my first designer bag and it's a timeless must-have. So have a look at this outfit :-)

4 commentaires

  1. Hey Laetitia, amazing post, your outfit is perfect and you are so beautiful :) Love xx

    1. Hi lovely,
      Thank you for your comment! So happy you liked this post :) x

  2. Hi Laetitia!Can I ask you where you did the photos?The garden behind u is beautiful!

    1. Hello :)
      Yes it's in Bercy park in Paris.
      Laetitia xx