Goodbye 2014... Hello 2015!


Yesterday was a very special (and not that cold) day. Everyone was getting ready to party for New Year's Eve and finally say goodbye to 2014. This year was really colourful to me. I travelled to my favourite place in the world (London) a lot of times, and went to a lot of gigs of my favourite artists. I also had my ups and downs as everyone, made some bad and really good decisions (yeah it happens sometimes), met new cool people and had to say goodbye to some others. But that's life and I'm really grateful for 2014. Plus, I'm soooo glad I've finally decided to start blogging two months ago, because I feel way happier when I write posts! I don't have any "goal" for 2015 but I hope 2015 will bring me new opportunities, ideas, and good things in my life. I hope to get better and better at blogging and I hope you will be surprised in a good way!

Anyway, I wish you all a happy New Year. And... let's rock 2015! 

Ps: Today I've received very good news! I'm going to collaborate with some brands! So yeah, that will be interesting and be sure to follow my blog to be the first one to read about it!

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