New In : Lilac Mirrored Sunnies

jeudi, avril 23, 2015

Hello my beauties ! 

I have been a little busy last week and couldn't write my #HOTW post on Tuesday, and I'm very sorry for it! Today was my last exam till next week so I decided to give you news :) My exams went pretty well, plus, I received good news about future collaborations (secret for now!) aaaand I'm going to London this week-end!!! Exciting news. Also, to prepare my last minute trip to London, I decided to treat myself with a new pair of sunnies ! I chose a pair of round metal sunnies in LILAC from Ray-Ban. You may have seen that I already worn a similar pair of sunnies but in gold metal in my last posts, but they're more simple than this Lilac pair.

Ray-Ban Lilac mirrored sunglasses

The Ray-Ban original round metal sunglasses are known for their defined round crystal lenses and distinct shape. A curved brow bar or gold, adjustable nose pads, and thin metal temples with plastic end tips rest comfortably behind the ears. My new ones came with mirrored Lilac lenses. I love to wear my old ones everyday when it's sunny, but this pair of sunglasses is a touch of freshness for my outfits. Plus, mirror lenses are a MUST-HAVE this spring & summer. Got them yesterday and wore them today ha! I think they're becoming my new favorites accessories for spring!

Wearing Lilac mirrored Ray-Ban sunglasses

Which one is your favorite? Will you consider buying mirror lenses sunglasses too?
Reply in comments ! Have a good week-end and good luck for your exams!

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  1. Love love love these! Your taste in fashion is on point. Plus looking gorg as always xx

  2. Hey devines qui c'est ? Non je déconne !
    J'espère que tes examens se sont bien passé ! Un mardi sans #HOTW n'est pas un vrais mardi, mais je comprend que tes examens passent avant le blog. Ce nouveau post est super et tes lunettes sont magnifique ! De plus tu as beaucoup de chance de pouvoir voyager à Londres ce week-end, c'est vraiment une de mes villes favorites (Amsterdam aussi est un super endroit si jamais tu as l'opportunité d'y aller.) ! Vas tu a l'événement de la BBC qui a lieu ? J'ai hâte que tu nous dévoile ton projet secret !
    Gros bisous et surtout bon week end, Alexandra ! xx

    1. J'avais deviné avant même que je ne vois ton nom à la fin du commentaire ;-) bisous xx

  3. Love RayBan sunglasses! I also have mirrored sunnies and always wear them ;)
    Love Lynda

  4. Love the sunglass *__* You are so pretty!:)
    xxx Marina,


  5. they look great on you - and gosh so much exciting happening! if id wear any colored id go for the greenish ones but sticking to my glasses i bought last year this summer :-)

  6. im looking at buying a pair of these but the bronze colour in the shop looked far more matte than yours! are these just the standard bronze/lilac ones? :))

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