Green smoothie recipe

jeudi, avril 02, 2015

Happy Thursday loves!

The week-end is nearly here, what better than to take a little care of yourself? Today I propose you to discover one of my favorite healthy recipes ever (and easy too!). It's a green smoothie.  

What is a smoothie ?  
Simple : it's blended beverage made from fresh fruits, or vegetables. You can then add yoghurt, ice cream, or ice.  

What is in my green smoothie?  
I chose to put some kiwis and apples. I put exactly 3 kiwis and 1 apple for this recipe, but you can change quantities (6 kiwis for two apples, or more for example). Then I added crushed ice and a little spoon of honey (yum!). This drink is perfect for a fruity, healthy and of course tasty breakfast. But you can also drink it as a snack. There is obviously a lot of ways to combine fruits. It's a playful way to have fun! 

So, what are you waiting for ? ;-)

I added a few strawberries at the end of my smoothie and it tasted delicious!

Accessories for perfect smoothies :

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  1. Hello !
    J'ai essayé ce smoothie ce matin, c'était délicieux ! J'adore boire des smoothies, mon préféré c'est fraise et banane ! :)
    Bisous, Alexandra. xx

  2. Hey! Tout juste quand je pensais commencer à me faire des smoothies ! Merci beaucoup pour la recette, je vais essayer tout ça et t'en redire des nouvelles.
    Mon amie se sert de ton blog et tes tweets pour améliorer son anglais ahah, tu es vraiment un modèle pour elle et sans doute pas que pour elle.
    Je pars au pays bas demain, j'attends impatiemment le retour à l'auberge pour lire ton hottie of the week ahah.
    Bisous !

  3. Looks healthy and sooo good *__* Love it!:)
    xxx, Marina


  4. Healthy and yummy...Just the way I like it!