My May's wishlist (my ultimate favorites)

mercredi, mai 13, 2015

Hello beauties !

I know I haven't been online a lot but here is my May's Wishlist! I really love playsuits at the moment with sunny days. It's easy to wear, with a pair of sandals and a hat (yes, I do have a big passion for hats...). Enjoy it! What is on your May's Wishlist? Something special? Tell me in the comments !

Ps: My exams are now over so I'm leaving for Spain in a few hours for a little break !! I'll post as soon as I can ! Good luck if you still have your exams... But have a nice week anyway!

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  1. Great wishlist! Love the rompers and the heels!
    xoxo Lynda

  2. i do have some things on my wishlist that i will be looking for at wgt next weekend but i dont think i could describe them in a proper way *lol* nice things on your wishlist though, love this kind of sandals (and i am not a sandal girl!)