My week in pictures

samedi, mars 14, 2015

Hello my lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I have my exams... So here is a little summary of my week in 9 pictures :)

1. This picture was taken in Paris on Monday via my Snapchat, as it was the Paris Fashion Week ! It's always the favourite moment of a lot of fashion lovers who are coming from all over the world to discover the Ready-To-Wear Fall/Winter 2015-2016 collections from the most famous designers in the world as Chanel, Elie Saab, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, etc. 

2. During the #PFW we run everywhere and guess what? I bumped into Jerome Jarre! You don't know him, reaaaally? He's a famous French viner and makes funny videos on Snapchat and Youtube too! I didn't know him really before, but he's a reallyyyy funny guy (and hot, yes, he's really hot). His smile can light up your day in a second and he wants to see the same smile on kids faces in the Philippines. He has a huge project to help the kids to have better lives so you should check it out!

3. Paris is a huge city, and has a lot of buildings, monuments, and all. But, you don't really can breathe correctly I mean, there's a lot of pollution here, and you sometimes feel the need to escape for a moment all this stress caused by living in Paris. So, I found this little paradise!! As you can see on the picture above, it looks like a mini park with a lot of flowers and plants. It's located in a hotel backyards. The hotel name's the Westin. But I've already come here and it wasn't that flowery. But still beautiful and restful. 

4. I'm a big selfie lover so here is a selfie of Sarah and I.

5. Place Vendôme. Spring. Laetitia. Happy. Enough said. Beautiful place and lovely weather so yeah, really nice to go out when the sun is out !!!

6. Selfie addict you said? Naaaah.. not at all!!! Haha. Free time is cool, but as you know, I have a lot of exams at the moment so this is a happy-tired selfie in the train to university. Long day!

7. Is it.... MR GREY ENTREPRISES? Oh my god. I bumped into Mr Grey Entreprises in Paris this week and I was like where is he?? It was so weird to see this in Paris and if you saw the movie 50 Shades Of Grey, I think you would have loved to bump into his office or him ;)

8. Breakfast : kiwis, tea, sun. I don't need to say a lot more. I'm a tea lover and this one is really tasty, plus, it's a Detox tea from Byron Body, so it helps your body to feel better. Also, as the summer is coming little by little, I want to eat more fruits everyday. At the moment, I'm really into strawberries and kiwis! 

9. Last picture. Three dresses (I first wanted to steal them) from unknown designers to end the Paris Fashion Week ! They were exposed in the hallway of the Westin hotel and I still don't know who designed it but he has a lot of talent and it almost makes me want to sew dresses hahaha!! Don't worry, I won't ;) 

I hope you liked this (not that) loooong post :)

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  1. God, you're so lucky to meet him! Also, every time I see a picture of you I get so jealous of your make up, maybe you could do a tutorial? I'd love to watch it!

    1. Yes i'm happy to know him! He's a nice human. I posted about my makeup routine on the blog, I don't think i'm going to do a tutorial xx