My Makeup Routine

samedi, décembre 06, 2014

Some of you asked me how I do my make-up, what products I use for my eyebrows, lips, or skin. So yes, this is my make-up routine on a daily basis. It might look like too much but it really doesn’t take that long. 

1- Wash : 
I always start with washing my face with clear water. First, it wakes me up, and second, my skin appears better after that simple first step.

2- Primer : 
I bought a Benefit Cosmetics little box with a lot of miniatures in it. The one I liked the most is without a doubt the POREfessional. I just really love it. I apply it on my nose and on each side of my nose where I have pores. It makes your skin looks smooth, and fills up pores. It's a must-have! Apply before foundation for better results.
3- Foundation :
I know some people can get away with only concealer but honestly I can’t. I need something to even up my skin. I use this one by Chanel which is AMAZING. My skin looks flawless with it. I apply the foundation with a brush (some people just use their fingers to do it but I don't really like it, or you can also use a makeup sponge) It covers really well my little imperfections, except for the bags under my eyes, which brings me up to the use of concealer.

4- Concealer :
I’ve been using this concealer by Benefit for a while and I don’t think I’ll try anything new for now. I apply it with a little concealer brush just under my eyes. I’m pretty happy with it because it doesn’t crease or get into the fine lines under my eyes and provides great coverage for my dark circles. Plus it’s cheap so that makes it even better!

5- Powder :
Now powder...I use a powder to fix my foundation so my make-up can stay the whole day. I tried different powders before, but this one is transparent and very nice.

6- Bronzer :
I don’t always use a bronzer but lately I like to contour my face so I was looking for a matte bronzer and finally bought one by Kiko. That's a great colour, easy to blend, matte and long lasting. If I have time, I like to contour my face with a darker foundation than my Chanel one, which I apply with a brush. The effect with the dark foundation (or a darker concealer, depends of what do you prefer) is more noticeable than with the bronzer.

7- Blush :
I don't use a blush everyday, but when I use one I use the Dior blush Happy Cherry. It's an awesome blush, great pigmentation and you don’t need to apply a lot to get the colour on your cheeks. Super easy to blend and long lasting. Worth the price.

8- Eyebrows :
I’ve been using a Kiko pencil for my eyebrows and another one from Primark which is a bit darker than the first one so I don't really use it. I fill in my eyebrows using the pencil and that's all. I don't add wax or anything else. I’m sure there are probably better pencils out there but this one by Kiko has been working great for me and it’s pretty inexpensive.

9- Khôl :
I have like ten different khôl pencils. At the moment I'm using this one in black colour and I really love it.

10- Mascara :
I sometimes go out without any mascara on because I just forget to put my mascara on. I naturally have long lashes but I guess the They're Real! by Benefit Cosmetics is the best mascara I’ve tried so far. It makes my lashes super long and it does add a little bit of volume. It’s easy to layer on in case you want a more dramatic look without looking clumpy.

11- Highlighter :
I've been using this awesome highlighter from The Balm or this one from Benefit. The first one is a powder, the other one is liquid, so it depends what you want to apply!

12- Lips :
Last but not least. I have like tons of lipsticks. But lately I've been using a lip pencil by Kiko and it's a light nude/pinkish colour. This lip pencil has a smooth, creamy texture, that's perfect for lining the lips or filling them in.. Love this lip pencil because it's very pigmented and it gives a very plump look to my lips. When I don't use this pencil, I use a lot of different lipsticks, with different colours, it depends on my mood and the occasion. If I'm wearing an all black outfit, I'd rather go for a very dark lipstick. If I wear like a pastel sweater, I'd rather go for a nude lipstick or pink one. But always matte lipsticks. I'm also going to buy this one from MAC next week because my love for lip pencils has grown very fast lately and I really love the colour.

I know this is a long post but really, it doesn’t take me that long to get ready! I could skip some steps if I wanted to but I like how my make-up looks with all these products and I really reallyyy enjoy putting on my make-up in the morning. For those who don't know what my face looks with this make-up, here is a picture :

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  1. Great post! Gonna try on the primer after the foundation! Have a good ay, bye :)

  2. Hi! thank you so much for the beauty advice! it is really helpful! xo